A Few Words About AmiRumi

AmiRumi was created to gather all of my amigurumis. And bring together people around them who also like these little crocheted toys. Here you can see and crochet them. And those who decide to crochet, will find many useful and interesting things!

Amigurumi – the Japanese art of small crocheted toys, the size of which is often less than 7 cm. And to make your crocheted toy into a real amigurumi you need just two conditions: it must be “alive” and pretty … ;)

From the beginning, AmiRumi had two important tasks.

The first is to collect all the toys that were crochet for my friends and myself, and put in a safe place! ) The inevitable result were funny photo sessions … ;)

Bunnies with heart

The second task was to publish and describe things that I was missing on the web, namely correct patterns. It happens, you like a toy, you begin to crochet but pattern is incorrect… and the desire to crochet is significantly hindered, if not gone altogether! So, on AmiRumi all toys are really crocheted according to patterns as they are posted. Some patterns are invented by me, and others are taken from Japanese magazines or other sources. And they all have one thing in common – tested by me personally! :)

Of course, mistakes may happen, because some patterns were not recorded immediately in the process of toy’s creation, and they had to be recalled and recovered later. So, if you find something like that, I’d be happy to get feedback! ;)

What I got is such personal archive, where you can browse and find something interesting and useful. And I will take care that everything published is checked and of good quality! ;)

If you have any clarifications, questions or suggestions, please write in the comments or use feedback, I’ll appreciate your advice and participation in my endeavor!

Wish you all success and good mood! :)