Blue Horsie

Crocheted amigurumi toy Blue Horsie

Chinese New Year will come only on February 19, so there is still time to post the blue horse as a symbol of the passing year! :)

And for those who like little pretty horsies, you can crochet some more colorful relatives of our cutie… ))

We’ll again use the pattern from our Japanese friends who don’t cease to amuse us with their variety of cute amigurumis.

Pattern for Blue Horse


Materials: yarn KARTOPU GONCA (100% acrylic, 100 grams, 300 m) in blue and white and grey, 2.1 mm crotchet hook, polyester fiberfill stuffing, eyes, black threads for face embroidery, gray satin ribbon.

Crocheted amigurumi toy Horsie, cover

Crocheted amigurumi toy Horsie, pattern for head, ears, legs, saddle Crocheted amigurumi toy Horsie, pattern for body, tail, main

We make the bridle from the ribbon, as in the picture. We also attach the ribbon to the saddle. To make the mane and tail, use the pattern and your own imagination! :)

Crocheted amigurumi toy war-horse sitting Now we need to sew on the eyes, embroider the face and paws. Make it so that it would look pretty by your taste!

Probably, that’s all! Let the year of the blue horse leave on your shelf a little pretty memory… ;)

Crocheted amigurumi toy little horsie with heart

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