amigurumi toys snowballs

This year the snow is tireless in decorating cozy streets of Kyiv. The winter is almost gone now, but as a memory I have some white snowballs left… :) And, of course, these snowballs are amigurumi!

Crocheting pattern for similar amigurumi toys you will find in article “Monsters”, and in this article we will watch some photos :)

amigurumi toys snowballs

two amigurumi toys snowballs with red heart

And if there are snowballs – we make a snowman! :)

tree amigurumi toys snowball form snowman

I must mention that our amigurumi snowballs are also Christmas toys, and so a few photos of the Christmas tree.

amigurumi christmas tree toys snowballs

And a close up…

amigurumi toy snowball on christmas tree

And this is a nest of snowballs… Apparently, real snowballs do not build nests, but amigurumi snowballs can do even more wondrous things! :)

three amigurumi toys snowballs on christmas tree closeup

Good mood and winter coziness to you all! :)

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