Hamsters vs Evil Empire!

Crocheted amigurumi toy euro-humster!

In support of the Ukrainian Euromaidan, which already stands for 23 cold days in the center of Kyiv, protesting against oppressive government! And every day more and more Ukrainians participate in this colossal national protest!

And our hamster carefully attached to a backpack, will also be at Maidan (Kyiv’s Independence Square) this weekend, and with it’ small but firm presence will defend Ukraine’s freedom and dignity!

And if our little friend could speak, he would surely say:

Slava Ukrayini! (Glory to Ukraine!)

Crocheted amigurumi toy Euro-hamster vs Evil Empire!

So, if you want to have such a small determined beast, crocheting pattern for him is the same as for Space Hamster.

But our hamster’s paws and ears are blue, the stomach has embroidered stars, and on his back side – unexpectedly positive yellow tail! ;)

Crocheted amigurumi toy humster, back side

So, don’t lose faith, my friends!

We’ll be able to amaze the world with our determination yet! :)

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